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History of Biological Medicine - Biopati.
Biopati comes from the Greek words bios (life) and patos (pathos - meaning feeling, suffering, and disease). Biopati is a natural medicine, holistic analysis and therapy form that combines American bio-medicine, immune German and Scandinavian symbiosis therapy and natural medicine, which has strong elements from the East. The biopatic system was founded in 1980 by the Danish therapist and author Kurt Nielsen. The first school of biopati was established in Copenhagen in 1981. That same year the title biopati was registered and trademark protected. Biopati has since spread to other Scandinavian countries, Spain and England.

Biopati, as defined by its founder, means "The human general condition seen within biopati is a natural consequence of its interaction with the environment, relationship to other people and life around themselves and to the very existence of life." What we normally call disease is a byproduct of a more comprehensive degeneration process, and this degeneration is a natural consequence of our overall lifestyle. Real healing requires a regeneration (reconstruction) of the organism as a whole. Healing requires real changes in a person's life, mental as well as nutritional and physical. "

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